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Works Progress Co-Op Information


The Works Progress Cooperative is an independent, democratic, and community-owned business, owned and operated by the members it serves.

The Works Progress Co-op is a Consumer Cooperative, where consumer shares are an equity investment that helps ensure the long-term sustainability of your coworking space, finance and improve operations, and minimize outside debt. Owners also support the co-op by working here, hosting events, and by participating in the co-op’s democratic processes, like voting in our Elections or serving on our Board

Become a Founding Owner

The first co-op owners have an opportunity to set the tone and culture for the co-op for years to come. Owners will participate in the exciting process of deciding all the firsts and electing the first board. The co-op board has extended the deadline for founding owners through the end of 2019. There will be schwag for founding owners!

Buying a Consumer Share

One consumer share of the Works Progress Co-op is $500, and can be purchased all at once or in monthly installments over a one year period.

Join in-person: You can become an owner at the Works Progress reception desk and pay in cash, check, or with your ATM/credit card. Please see us in person if you intend to set-up a payment plan.

Join online: We do not currently have this option available. 

Read the Works Progress Cooperative Bylaws.

Return On Investment: Owner Benefits

Becoming an owner of the Works Progress Co-op means purchasing a share and supporting the co-op with your patronage and participation. Co-op owners and the broader community receive returns on those investments.

Stronger Neighborhood Economy

  • Keep more money right here at home! In general, co-ops have a bigger impact on the local economy than conventional businesses. They are more stable in economic downturns than conventional businesses. Coworking spaces are also increasingly important community resources. Strengthen the sustainability of your Coworking space by becoming an owner.

Strengthen Your Community

  • Strategic partnerships: The Northwest is home to diverse grassroots efforts working to level our inequitable economic systems. Through providing nonprofit space, donations, and other partnerships, Works Progress Co-op can strategically align with organizations that share our values.
  • Supporting Our Community: Works Progress currently supports the Fremont Arts Council, Crown Hill Neighborhood Association, the Clarion West Writers Workshop, and Mary’s Place, among others from time to time. The Works Progress Co-op owners will be able to select the organizations they wish to support for the greatest impact. 
  • Supporting Our Ecosystem: Coworking is inherently a green activity and Works Progress Co-op plans to continue to do our best in conserving energy, use of environmentally friendly products, and reducing the commuting needs of the neighborhood by providing a coworking space.

Patronage Returns

  • Only owners who were also paying members (patrons) during the previous year will be eligible for patronage discounts or any potential dividends.
  • The amount available for discounts or distribution will depend on the overall profit from the previous year, coworking space needs for improvement, operations, and savings.


  • Decide what improvements are needed and what is most important for the operations of your coworking space.
  • Run for the Nominating Committee: Be active in recruiting new board members and help shape the future of the co-op.
  • Run for the Board: Represent your fellow owners and take part in the co-op’s longterm planning.
  • Vote in co-op elections: Elect board members, nominating committee members, and more.

Like the sound of all that? 

Learn more on our co-op FAQ Page.