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Three TIPS to Create a Family Friendly Workspace

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Creating a space for work & play.

When my dream to open a coworking space with flexible, on-site childcare met with significant challenges early on, my business partner and I worked to create the next best alternative. My original dream was a safe place for parents to bring their children to work, but avoid interruptions. What we quickly discovered was that coworking and childcare in the United States, as it has proven over and over in the last ten years, is a high risk, low gain endeavor. That is one reason why we have started a nonprofit organization that will focus on meeting the needs of mothers in business. For more information on the Women’s Business Incubator, click here.

Works Progress is an adult coworking workspace, but we are family friendly. Because it is my business, I have had to regularly bring my children. They have probably spent more time at my coworking office than at our home.

But knowing that they might encounter small children on-site, will other people want to become members? Is that the atmosphere that I want to present at our coworking space for adult professionals?

While it’s true that Works Progress is meant to be as productive as possible for working adults, it’s also true that – YES – I absolutely want our space to be inviting for families. Our doors are open for parents who are trying to find that illusive work-life balance. We want everyone to feel that they are welcome during the work day and during member events, family in-tow if needed.

Over the last three years, we have had time to hone our community to include everyone – even parents! Here are our top three tips for creating a welcoming environment without being too disruptive:

  1. Space that welcomes childrenSometime in the first year we bought a train table for our lobby. This one investment may

    The Burrow has room to play & work.

    have been the best $100 we ever spent. It was one of the first things that anyone saw when they entered our space. Along those lines, we try to put our best foot forward from the very beginning. We always welcome children on facility tours. In addition, we have found that sometimes, parents just need an extra hour to get some work done. That’s one reason why we created a special place for the train table with our recent expansion. ‘The Burrow’ is a small, child-friendly meeting room. Parents who are in-between good options can still bring their children in with them. In addition to the train table, the Burrow now includes a small play kitchen, chalkboard wall, coloring table, legos, and blocks. While parents have to mind their children at all times, at least they still have an out-of-the house option to try to complete their work on time.

  2. Family friendly eventsIt’s so hard to network when you’re a parent. Isn’t 7pm bedtime? Dance lessons at 5:30pm? Is it professional to bring your three year old to happy hour? We can’t solve all problems, but we do invite our members to bring their family to the majority of our in-house events. We try to make sure that child friendly snacks are as much a part of our happy hour as wine is for the adults. Some events, like movie night and board game night, are especially open to families.
  3. FlexibilityOur member packages were designed with working parents in mind. Some might just need a few hours while their children are in preschool. Others may try to work full time out of the house – but not too far away – to balance their work and family needs. We want to provide the flexibility that helps meet the needs of todays modern family. Check out our flexible daily and hourly packages here.

For traditional work environments, these may not be policies that you can adopt, however, by connecting with coworking spaces close to where your employees live, you might be able to support and retain your employees by offering telework, remote work and job sharing options through their closest coworking office.

WP Featured Member: Jessica Rhode

Last month we sat down with Carrie Beck who works at Southern Explorations arranging trips to Antarctica. For this month’s Works Progress Featured Member, we decided to explore the northern hemisphere- the Arctic to be precise. Member Jessica Rohde (pronounced row-dee) is the Web Manager and Project coordinator for the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC).

How long have you been doing this?

This is a real mammoth bone -- not a fossil or a replica! It's been preserved in ice for 12,000 years

This is a real mammoth bone — not a fossil or a replica! It’s been preserved in ice for 12,000 years.

About a year and a half.

Tell me more about what you do

I help scientists who study the Arctic communicate and collaborate across different scientific disciplines and also across the public and private sectors. For example, we have a collaboration team that focuses on the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas – those are off the North coast of Alaska. Normally they are covered with ice for a lot of the year. But the Arctic is warming very quickly — about twice as fast as the rest of the world. So there is less ice than before and this affects many aspects of the ecosystem – the circulation of the water, the animals and people who hunt for food on the ice, etc. In my work, I might connect a physical oceanographer from a government agency with a scientist they might not otherwise work with, like a social scientist from a non-profit in Alaska. They might work on a problem together like predicting how much sea ice there will be in a given season and how it might affect the community that uses that part of the ocean.

What are your favorite things about working for IARPC?

I can work from anywhere – so I travel a lot! I’ve just visited Fairbanks, Alaska last month and played around on a snowmobile. My next stop is the Galapagos where I can’t wait to swim with penguins at the equator!

The benefits are great, but the best part is the feeling of making a difference in the world. The Arctic is changing very fast, but I’m helping scientists team up to solve hard problems and accelerate the pace of Arctic research.

Who are your typical clients?

Scientists who work on all different types of Arctic research: such as social scientists studying indigenous communities, wildfire ecologists studying the effects of fire on plant and animal communities, marine scientists studying marine mammals, fish and seabirds, atmospheric chemists studying the different gases in the atmosphere.

How do you communicate with your clients?

I run webinars, almost one everyday. A lot of video conferencing, telephone calls. Endless emails. It’s not so bad, but I do love to get the chance to talk to people face to face. Conferences are like vacations for me.

How has a coworking space benefited you?

I like feeling more focused when I’m here and not having the distractions of being in my home. I really like getting to meet people and all the social events you guys do. Especially Whiskey Progress!

Spartan Race, WA 2015

What do you like to do on your time off?

Trail running, cross-country skiing, travel, trying new extreme sports and wandering around looking for adventures. Oh, and I save the polar bears. 😉

 Favorite place to eat in Seattle?

Oh gosh. I’m a vegan so it’s really hard… Araya’s Thai food. There is one in the U-district and Capitol Hill and it’s all vegan but you wouldn’t know that because it’s AMAZING. Their avocado curry is the bomb.

What do you like to listen to?

*laughs* Well, usually I listen to really crappy catchy pop music. Sometimes when I’m feeling more sophisticated I’ll listed to KEXP or I listen to a lot of science and travel pod casts. 


Too much fun on a snowmobile in Fairbanks, Alaska on her previous trip.

Favorite WP event so far?

I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. They’re all good but I really like Spaceteam Fridays.

Thank you, Jessica, for letting us get to know you more! It is with bittersweet feelings to announce Jessica will be moving to Washington, D.C. after her trip to Ecuador. The Works Progress team and members are excited for all of Jessica’s upcoming adventures but are sad to see her go! Follow her travel adventures on Instagram @RockyRohde

Best of luck on all your future endeavors! Be sure to visit us when you can 🙂


Private Offices Available!

private office 85th window

Lots of natural light overlooking 85th Street.

Like the idea of coworking, but need a private office? We’ve finally finished with our expansion project and have two new private offices available at Works Progress! Join our coworking community and get all the benefits of membership, plus a private room for your business to grow. We take care of the hard stuff, you get work done. Team memberships included. $900/mo. and $750/mo. respectively, these team rooms are move-in ready. Available month-to-month or receive a 5% discount for a six month contract or 10% discount for a one year contract.

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Works Progress Named One of the Top Coworking Spaces in the World


Today we are celebrating many things, including our three year anniversary, the recovery and safety of everyone in our neighborhood after the frightening explosion two weeks ago, and the members that have made our community what it is today. I am pleased to announce that we recently made it on the list for the top 30 coworking spaces in the world! When they wrote to tell us that we made it, this is what they said,

“The competition for this list has been pretty intense and the voting has been going for months. Your community really supports you guys and you deserve to be in the article.”

I started Works Progress with Jessie Rymph over three years ago with many big dreams. What I didn’t expect was that it would take so much out of me and give so much back. Our business and our members together have prevailed through many challenges over the last three years. I couldn’t have done it without all our members.

Having worked closely with some of the other space operators in Seattle, many of whom have become friends and mentors over the last several years, I am surprised that many of the other amazing coworking spaces in our city were not listed. I have come to believe that coworking everywhere is helping to bring about a different way of working and living. I may be a little zealous, but I have taken it to heart that coworking is not just the next generation of work, but is in fact, helping to create sustainable communities all around the world. And the individuals joining our spaces all over the world are the essential part of the vision!

I am very honored that so many of our members voted for us and care about Works Progress, but more than that, I am so thrilled to have met the people that come through our doors and take part in our community. Thank you!

WP Featured Member

Carrie taking a break from shredding the slopes of Antarctica and enjoying the gorgeous view.

Late last summer, Works Progress was fortunate to sign Carrie Beck to be one of our dedicated desk members. For the last 5 and a half years, Carrie has worked as a Sales and Operations specialist for Southern Explorations. In November, she went on her second trip to Antarctica. We caught up with Carrie upon her return to learn more.

Tell us more about Southern Explorations and what you do

Southern Explorations is independently owned and was started about ten years ago. Our founder used to be a guide in South America so he has created a lot of personal relationships there. As for me, I do a lot of sales and customer service. I currently focus on arranging tours to  Patagonia and Antarctica. I’ve also arranged trips to the Galapagos and Peru in the past. The Galapagos Islands account for about 40% of my company’s sales.  Once people are booked, I handle  arrangements for hotels, transfers, guides, flights-just putting together the whole package. Primarily we do small groups and we arrange a lot of private custom tours. It’s all very tailored to what the guests want.

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Oh definitely the travel, which is once a year. I wish it was more but all the trips are amazing. I’ve gone to Antarctica twice, the Galapagos three times, Patagonia a couple times, and Machu Picchu. The Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island were part of my first cruise to Antarctica and both of those destinations were incredible. I’ve always been passionate about travel.

Who are your typical clients?

 Our trips are fairly high end so we tend to get baby boomers and retirees, although I’ve noticed a trend of younger clientele here and there. Mostly people in their 50’s  and 60’s though, sometimes families with teenagers.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Primarily through email and phone. Some people are phone talkers, which is good since talking on the phone allows for much better communication. Depends on the situation, I guess.

Carrie at Waterboat Point

What are the trips like?

For my very first trip with the company, I traveled to Peru, and Ecuador where I visited the Amazon, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. The purpose of the trip was to get to know the place well- know what experience you’re trying to sell. Do some hotel inspections, get an idea of what they’re like, that type of thing. You have a guide, mostly a personal guide. During these trips, we usually travel individually but once in a while you can bring a spouse, a parent, someone like that. Trips are typically 2-3 weeks long. It’s really important to have personal experience of the destinations we sell. It helps build trust with our passengers and gives them confidence that we know what we’re talking about and will provide a top-notch travel experience.

Where were you before coworking at Works Progress?

We had an office in Seattle previously, but now most of us work remotely. I like the office setting and am really enjoying Works Progress

How has a coworking space benefited you?

It’s nice to have social interactions. At home, it’s tempting to never get out of pajamas, never talk to anybody- it’s just not good for your mental health. I like the group events we have here at Works Progress. I’ve made friends- I just went out to lunch with Jessica the other day. Then there’s networking opportunities. Don’t understand something about insurance? Oh, I can go ask Cindy! Things like that.

What do you like to do on your time off?

Travel, of course.  I also love to be active and get outdoors. Snowboarding and cycling are my two primary passions right now. Or I can be totally lazy and just stream Netflix or read a novel.

Alright. Now we’re getting to the tough questions… favorite place to eat in Seattle?

Oh man, that is a tough question! Well here in Greenwood, Naked City Brewing is great for beer and food. In West Seattle, there’s this excellent sushi place called Mashiko. I  am also obsessed with Coyle’s Bake Shop. I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but their lattes are really good, and every baked good I’ve ever eaten there has been divine.

What do you like to listen to?

Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day… I guess alternative, classic rock, and indie rock?

Thank you, Carrie, for sitting down with us to be our very first WP Featured Member! You can catch Carrie drinking some yummy tea at her desk by the “I Want to Believe”/Tardis poster.  Be careful- we hear from fellow coworking members that listening in on some of her calls may result in you wanting to pack up and head south to chill with some penguins!

Shapeshifting the Frozen Continent:

“I stood on the deck of the Akademik Ioffe, a small ship dedicated to tourism and research in the polar regions, watching a crane lower a zodiac from the ship toward the icy water. Inside the zodiac was our driver, along with an enormous bag of our equipment–ski and snowboard boots, ski poles, ice axes, etc, as well as a couple bundles of skis and snowboards lashed together with nylon straps. I was all “rugged up” as our British expedition leader would say, and felt a bit like the Michelin Man with a transceiver under my jacket and a climbing harness squeezed over my snowboard pants…”

Click here to read more about Carrie’s latest trip to Antarctica!




Final Scavenger Hunt Clue!

Passport stamp setScavenger Hunt for Prizes! Unscramble the letters saved from each days answer, to come up with a coworking traveling tip that may be very helpful to you.

Hint: Two words, available around the world, you might need a passport to travel, but for this you won’t need a credit card. Accepted by most coworking spaces, if you wanna party like in Ibiza, you will need this: _________________________. 

Take the following letters from each days answer:

Monday: the first and third letter of the first word and the first, fourth, and sixth letter of the second word.

Tuesday: Take the first letter of each word.

Wednesday: Take the first, fourth, and fifth letters of the word (you have to turn in your BINGO card to get Wednesday’s answer!).

Thursday: Take the second and fourth letters of the first word and the third letter of the third word.

If you would like confirmation on your letters to unscramble, the front desk is willing to help.

Submit your answer with your name in the collection bowl at reception before 2:30pm. Confused? Have questions? We’re available for hints! Today’s drawing will be held at 2:30pm right before Space Team for prizes – three prizes available: $10 Gift Card at Chocolati, Darkiron N8 Noise Cancelling Headphones Headset, and $10 Gift Card for MUNCH Cafe! 

Not here today? You can submit your answer by email to:, as long as you send it before 2:30pm, your name will be included in the drawing.

Scanvenger Hunt – Thursday’s Clue


Scavenger hunt for prizes! Remember to keep track of your answers and save them up for Friday’s clue.

Today’s clue/activity: We’ve got her picture on our wall, she’s a hard worker, admired by all. We don’t know if she likes banana, but you can remember her by her bandana. If you know the answer, put her name in your Friday tickler.

This picture is of:  _____________________________. For bonus points (a chance to enter your name 2x), take a selfie with someone who makes you think of a modern day version of the answer above and post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, hashtag: #coworkingscavengerhunt.

Note: If you participated in Wednesday’s BINGO, you must turn in your BINGO card to get Wednesday’s answer. You will need Wednesday’s answer to solve Friday’s riddle. If you are having problems completing the BINGO (was this game rigged? are all answers Marnee?) the front desk will help you. A “blackout” or answering all your BINGO squares also gives you a chance to enter 2x on Friday!

Scavenger Hunt Update – Wednesday’s Clue

BINGO WINNERRemember to keep track of your answers and save them up for Friday’s clue. Today’s activity is a get-to-know-you BINGO during member lunch. Pick up your BINGO card in the kitchen and fill it out while waiting for your crepe! Your objective is to find a member that answers each description – all players to complete one row up or down will receive a hint for Friday’s final clue. 

Please note: Our in-house insurance guru, Cindy Hagen, will be presenting information about the trials and tribulations of purchasing your own insurance starting at 12:15 during lunch today. We will cease BINGO for about 20 minutes while we pester Cindy with questions about open enrollment.

Scavenger Hunt for Prizes!


Works Progress is holding its’ first scavenger hunt the week of Monday, October 19 through Friday, October 23. Each day, a new clue or activity is set out for coworking members to complete – each days’ clue will also be posted here on our blog. Keep track of each days’ answer to unscramble the final clue.

Final answers should be submitted in the collection bowl at the reception desk. A drawing will be held Friday at 2:30pm right before Space Team for prizes – three prizes available: $10 Gift Card at Chocolati, Darkiron N8 Noise Cancelling Headphones Headset, and $10 Gift Card for MUNCH Cafe! Everyone who completes the final clue correctly gets the notoriety of  completing our first scavenger hunt. Members do not have to be present to win, but submissions must be correct! Wednesday’s activity requires on-site participation during the member lunch.

Monday’s Clue was:

Run by a member here, this business promises to awaken your life. If you’ve been very cranky, this technique will surely reduce strife. This business is:

 Answer: _______________________________

Today’s Clue:

Most offices hold the chemical DHMO (dihydrogen monoxide) in an unlabled container. While liberally added to your city taps, a healthy dose of this substance  is a no brainer. If you measure it, you need a cup, not a ruler. At Works Progress, we keep a supply of DHMO easily decanted from the: 


Remember to keep track of your answers and save them up for Friday’s clue.

Note: Tomorrow’s activity will involve the member lunch between 11:30-1:30pm. Don’t forget Cindy Hagen will be there to talk about obtaining personal insurance & open enrollment!

The Epic Seattle Coworking Space Tour

Candice & Marnee take a break during the space tour.

Candice & Marnee take a break during the space tour.

When I was first introduced to coworking a few years ago, I had no idea what coworking truly meant. It wasn’t until March of this year when I became the Community Cultivator at Works Progress that I finally grasped the thriving community that is coworking.

When Marnee, the co-owner of Works Progress, suggested taking a tour of collaborative spaces in Seattle, I was excited and a little overwhelmed. We scheduled five days throughout the month of July when we would see three to four spaces each day. This ambitious schedule still didn’t reach nearly half of the over 40 coworking, accelerator, incubator or makerspaces currently active in the Greater Seattle area.

Day 1

We found ourselves at the Vybe Communication Hub in Eastlake for the very first stop on our

Coworking Area at the Vybe

Coworking Area at the Vybe

tour. Kailin greeted us warmly and gave us a tour of this cozy space and informed us that it was initially a mailbox rental service. They continue to provide mail service, however they have expanded to be so much more. Not only does the Vybe offer 24 hour access, packaging services, computer and printing stations, freight options and facsimile services; they also provide private offices, a meeting room and a coworking area. The space is intimate, yet doesn’t feel crowded.

We then made our way to the place that started it all here in Seattle: Office Nomads. Office Nomads is located in Capitol Hill. They have been open for almost eight years now, expanding to two floors a few years ago. Entering through the main doors, you will be greeted by either Ruby or Lauren. If you need to schedule a meeting, plenty of conference rooms are available or you can pop into a phone booth for a quick call. Although it is a large space, Office Nomads has maintained a welcoming community feel.

West Seattle Office Junction's quiet side.

West Seattle Office Junction’s quiet side.

West Seattle Office Junction was our next stop. There isn’t a full-time receptionist available, so tours must be scheduled ahead of time. The office is located underneath apartment buildings, which works well for Ben, the friendly member who gave us a tour of the office and who just so happens to live in the apartments above. The space is divided into two sections; with one area being the more social side and the other a more heads-down, quiet working area. The artwork lining the wall is provided by local artists and rotated every month.

Day 2


The former Masins Furnishings & Interior Design Building

The next day of our coworking tour, we started at The Impact Hub Seattle. The Hub, which can be found in Pioneer Square, is housed by the historic former Masins Furnishings & Interior Design building. One of their hosts, Kevin, was kind enough to give us a detailed tour. We viewed private offices, the large spaces that can double as events space, the cozy library and the entrance into the second building which holds more private offices and hidden corners. Upstairs you can find the Pandora headquarters, Pinchot University, and Social Ventures Partners while downstairs you can find the sound and recording room. With over 700 members, you can be sure to strike up a conversation with anyone, including the current host for the corresponding floors.

From Pioneer Square, we ventured downtown to Pike Place Market. Here you can find the beautifully designed coworking space known as Makers. Co-founder Lana and space manager Mariyah greeted us as we entered. Walking into Makers is similar to walking into an interior design catalog. The space was a lot larger than I thought it would be, with an open meeting room up the stair to the right and different private offices lining the wall. The kitchen is nice and open and has almost a 50’s feel to it. A little passageway lets you into the back which holds more lounge areas, meeting rooms or phone booths and offices.

Afterwards, we crossed back over to Capitol Hill to visit Metrix Create: Space. Metrix is a real Maker Space and allows the public to work on their hobbies or create different prototypes of products by providing an appropriate work area and the correct tools. Matt, the owner of Metrix, gave us the grand tour. Metrix houses a variety of 3D printers, laser cutting and etching machines, a textile work area and advance circuits labs. They host workshops such as how to build a robot (and you can take your robot home!) along with other subjects taught by an expert.

Day 3

The beautiful event space at Hillman City Collaboratory

The beautiful event space at Hillman City Collaboratory

In Rainier Valley, we found The Hillman City Collaboratory. This is a non-profit space founded by Rev John Helmiere of the Valley & Mountain Fellowship. The first thing we noticed was the inviting community garden adjacent to the historic building. Our host, Theresa, was tending to the garden prior to us dropping in. The entrance takes you into the multi-purpose room and event space. A set of French doors leads you to the small coworking area where intern Olivia was typing away. In the hallway leading to the kitchen, a door to the right will put you into the children’s playroom. Continuing on, you will then enter into the generous kitchen. Hillman City hosts numerous events specifically designed to create a

community for social change. The kitchen has seen many cooking classes, whether for kids or adults. On certain days, the multi-purpose room acts a center for those in need to drop in for anything from toothpaste to cellphones.

Next, we found ourselves back in Capitol Hill to visit Agnes Underground and My Branch Office. Agnes Underground, like West Seattle Office Junction, is found underneath apartment buildings. In this spacious suite you will find a nice mix of full-time and part-time desks, a 10 person meeting room, kitchen and a newly added workout room and shower facilities. The back space opens up into a courtyard where you can shop for cupcakes, ice cream or visit the neighboring restaurants, all within walking distance.

With Rob at My Branch Office.

With Rob at My Branch Office.

My Branch Office is currently in a second story suite along Broadway. We were there just in time to discover that they will soon be moving to a new space just down the way. The current intimate suite is home to ten desks, a lounge area and water cooler station. We understand the new space will be quite a bit larger and I’m excited to see how it turns out! We ended the tour day with a trip around the corner to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.

Day 4 (one site only)


We loved the little touches at the Pioneer Collective.

With summer in full swing, we had to cancel a few of our planned visits, but were able to squeeze in the Pioneer Collective in Pioneer Square. Owner Chris was there to greet us and give us the tour, while his wife Audrey was with their newborn (who I hear is quite the cutie). Pioneer Collective opened their doors in June and they are already off to a great start. The space boasts a beautiful open area, with lights strung across the ceiling, a brick wall with windows that hosts the fixed desks, two phones booths, a kitchen and one large conference room separated from the space by a glass wall. The building has a gym, bike rack and showers for the members to utilize and a second conference room is located up the curved staircase lined with plants.

Day 5

On our last day, we started at Hing Hay Coworks, a space located in Seattle’s International District. Hing Hay is another nonprofit coworking space. We were lulled by the calming background piano music as we toured the three different conference rooms, phone booths, private offices and coworking space. With the open floorplan, it allows for larger events to take place. Couches along the floor-to-ceiling windows create comfy lounge areas.


Chad is one of the friendly owners at MetropoList.

In SoDo we met with Chad, co-founder of MetropoList. MetropoList Real Estate has agents dedicated to helping individuals buy or sell their homes. However, you don’t have to be a real estate agent to use the space. MetropoList just opened MetroWorks, a space for coworking. Its open space is large, perfect for holding different events like weddings and other celebrations. The space used to be a warehouse, with a working lift that can be used for events. In fact, during the grand opening, the lift was used for an acrobat show! The space also has a meeting room and private offices upstairs.

South Lake Union was the last stop for our coworking tour. Here, we made our way to WeWork, an extremely lively place packed with a vibrant group of people. Our tour guide, Robel, won extra points for being the first greeter on our coworking tour to offer us coffee, water, or tea as we arrived. WeWork has three different floors, each with various sized conference rooms, private offices, phone booths and a kitchen (stocked with water, milk, and a keg!). Their open coworking is located in the lounge, while the rest of the floors are lined with private offices. The office walls are glass, creating an open feeling throughout.

For the final stop of our tour, we went down the road to visit Nonprofit Leader.Org with Julie. The building used to be a school for Seattle arts, and inside they used former students’ artwork to decorate. Desks line the outer walls where the windows provide a beautiful view of the Space Needle and Seattle Center. Adjacent to the dedicated coworking space is a room with a lounge area, meeting space and additional office. Ideal for small nonprofits that are looking to pool resources and work with like minded social organizations. This socially minded space was a great way to end our tour for this summer.

I’ve learned quite a lot on the coworking tour, which was the primary goal. To me, the most important take-away is that coworking is a collaborative movement. It allows different people in different fields to come together and share company and their ideas. It’s resourceful, environmental and creates a strong community. What’s more, no two coworking spaces are exactly alike, which means that the savvy independent worker and start-up will shop around to find the space that best meets their needs and personality.

For a quick overview of each of the spaces we visited:  

Space: Vybe Communications Hub
Thumbs Up: This cozy setting allows for friendly and fun interaction between members.
Coworking tips: An experienced mail and package services program is a huge benefit for members. Also, T-Shirts!
Location: Eastlake
Know before you go: Street parking only, reception available, no advance reservation needed.
Day pass: $25/daily drop-in rate.

Space: Office Nomads
Thumbs Up: Mix of busy coworkers that makes you feel like work is getting done!
Coworking tips: Inviting members to participate in daily office care and community cultivation establishes a stronger and more vibrant community.
Location: Capitol Hill
Know before you go: Take a bike or the bus, bike rack available, no advance reservation needed, dog friendly.
Day pass: $30 basic membership for 1 day/month.

Space: West Seattle Office Junction
Thumbs Up: Designated quiet area includes cubicle spacing for privacy. 
Coworking tips: Members give the best tours, they really love the space and want you to love it too!
Location: West Seattle
Know before you go: Call or email ahead to reserve your tour, dog friendly.
Day pass: $25/daily drop-in rate.

Space: Impact Hub Seattle
Thumbs Up: Strong social engagement focus. Also, massage therapists, Orca cards and dog walkers, Oh My!
Coworking tips: There is a new sound lab downstairs – try it out people! 
Location: Pioneer Square
Know before you go: Best to reserve your tour in advance, dog friendly, bike or take a bus.
Day pass: Their Connect Membership is $35 for 2 days/month.

Space: Makers
Thumbs Up: Beautiful design touches throughout, plenty of “chill” space.
Coworking tips: Reserved desks with member’s names.
Know before you go: No advance reservation needed, dog friendly, bike or take a bus.
Location: Belltown
Day pass: Call for more information.  

Space: Metrix: Create Space
Thumbs Up: Fully loaded makerspace. Did we mention the 3D printers?
Coworking tips: Matt is very safety conscious with on-site equipment and has enough experience to help you make real prototypes to get your idea out there.
Know before you go: Reception available, no advance reservation needed, go online to learn about upcoming classes.
Location: Capitol Hill
Day pass: Starting with the Bottomless Toolbox $10/hr!

Space: Hillman City Collaboratory, An Incubator for Social Change
Thumbs Up: Community garden and monthly BBQ’s.
Coworking tips: Community events and classes make the Collaboratory a very active and positive part of their neighborhood.
Know before you go: The space is operated as a co-op: instead of charging rent, they request donations to contribute to your use of the space.
Location: Columbia City
Day pass: $20/daily drop-in rate.

Space: Agnes Underground
Thumbs Up: Playlist created by a local DJ specifically for the coworking day.
Coworking tips: Creative thought leader? Keep an eye out for the Cloud Room.
Know before you go: Must reserve your tour in advance.
Location: Capitol Hill
Day pass: $25/daily drop-in rate.

Space: My Branch Office
Thumbs Up:  A very friendly community here.
Coworking tips: Moving and growing! Keep checking their website to learn more.
Know before you go: You should contact Rob before going for your tour.
Location: Capitol Hill
Day pass: Keep checking back to learn more.

Space: The Pioneer Collective 
Thumbs Up: Specialty built phone booths and windows!
Coworking tips: Location, location, location! This is a great place for downtown meetings.
Know before you go: Take a bike or the bus, bike rack available, no advance reservation needed, dog friendly.
Location: Pioneer Square
Day pass: $30/daily drop-in rate.

Space: Hing Hay Coworks 
Thumbs Up: Background music and amazing event space.
Coworking tips: The nonprofit and community focus creates a vibrant atmosphere.
Know before you go: Conference rooms and smaller meeting rooms make this space ideal for downtown meetings. No advance reservation needed.
Location: International District
Day Pass: $30/daily drop-in rate.

Space: MetropoList
Thumbs Up: The amazing event space, book your wedding here now, before it’s too late!
Coworking tips: Highly collaborative group of co-founders truly energize the space. 
Know before you go: There is parking, day use, great coworking space. You don’t have to be a realtor.  
Location: SoDo
Day pass: $20/daily drop-in rate.

Space: WeWork
Thumbs Up: Lots of fun touches throughout.
Coworking tips: Partnerships with education programs, such as Microsoft Labs and General Assembly, add to the resources of a thriving coworking community.
Know before you go: This is a busy place, if you’re going for a meeting or day trial, best to schedule in advance. Bike or bus in, parking is limited in the area.
Location: South Lake Union
Day pass: $45 Commons Membership/$50 each additional day

Space: Nonprofit Leader.Org
Thumbs Up: Coworking for Change!
Coworking tips: Nonprofits that work together to reduce expenses can make a big difference.
Know before you go: Bike or bus in, parking is limited. Best to call and get directions prior to visiting.
Location: South Lake Union
Day pass: $15/daily drop-in rate.

Our “home” space: Works Progress
Thumbs Up from our members: “It’s such a welcoming, calm, and energizing atmosphere here, and I get so much more done here than I would at home.”
“I liked the location and setup of Works Progress.”  
“Everyone working here is friendly and professional.”
What to know before you go: Reception available, drop-in anytime during reception hours for a tour, dog friendly, bike friendly, limited parking in back and free street parking all around.
Location: Greenwood (North Seattle)
Day pass: $25/daily drop-in rate.

If you missed it this year, be sure to join us on the coworking tour next summer!