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Member Highlight – Lewis Lin

Lewis C. Lin is an author, entrepreneur, tech executive, and public speaker.

What do you do?

I’m CEO of two companies: PeopleMaven and Impact Interview. If Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey can run two companies at once, I can too!

PeopleMaven allows you to save, share, and discover amazing people from talented software engineers to homeopathic doctors.

Impact Interview provides interview coaching services for job seekers.

What are a few interesting points about you​?

Dream job: Subway Sandwich Artist

TV show I’m currently watching: Westworld Season 2

What I eat for breakfast: Cupcakes

Favorite drink: The Taro Cocktail that Paul Made 2 Years Ago

You’ll find me saying: “Awesome” or “Dude”

I’m also a proud owner of two rescue piñatas, Larry & Sergey. Inches away from a grisly beheading in 2017, you’ll now find them in our office. Come by and say hello. They love treats!

What are a few interesting points about your work​?

I spend my work day reading about fascinating people, featured on PeopleMaven.

My favorite discovery so far: Hedy Lamarr. Lamarr was a 1940s Hollywood starlet AND invented radio guidance technology for World War II torpedoes. Her invention is now the foundation of AirPods and other Bluetooth devices today.

Why not have it all?

Why do you cowork​?

Compared with working at home or a coffee shop, it has the following benefits:

Fewer distractions

Professional environment for client-facing companies

Amenities including reception, delivery, kitchen facilities

What you love about Works Progress​?

Community is the first thing that comes to mind. Marnee and Mary do an incredible job in finding the nicest members. They also nurture members with an endless array of events from monthly lunches, holiday white elephant parties, and Star Wars movie nights.

Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance – Public Statement

Pleased to share the following statement from the Seattle Coworking Community and proud to be part of this strong and diverse community of individuals: 

Coworking Seattle Calls for Action:

We seek the immediate reunification of families, humane and ethical treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers, and call for action to properly document and take care of all immigrant children in our custody.

As members of the Seattle coworking industry, who have built businesses on the values of Community, Openness, Collaboration, Diversity, Sustainability, and Accessibility, we jointly and strongly condemn the inhumane treatment of immigrant children evidenced by the United States Department of Justice in the past two months. We also strongly condemn the practice of separating children from their families and persecuting asylum seekers.

We believe that innocent children should not be separated from their parents. We believe the “Zero Tolerance” directive issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is cruel, immoral and outrageous and demand a plan for the safe and immediate reunification of families, timely processing of asylum seekers, and the fair and ethical treatment of all immigrants, legal or otherwise.

As a nation of immigrants, we demand and expect better, and call on our community to do the same.

Member Highlight – Sherry Bosse Lueders

Sherry Bosse Lueders – Of Counsel Attorney with Stacey L. Romberg, Attorney at Law

What do you do?

I’m a lawyer! I provide legal advice to clients regarding business law, estate planning, and probate.

What are a few interesting points about you​?

​I have an awesome rescue dog, Emily, who is not as into coworking as I am, sadly; she prefers her home office. I’m originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, but I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years. I worked as a web developer before I went to law school. I like to ride my bike, jog around Ballad, and cross-country ski.

In addition to my work advising clients in estate planning, probate, and business law matters, I’m a fisheries policy geek and I most recently collaborated on research investigating litigation over catch share fishery management.  I have an undergraduate degree in fiction writing, and I remain a voracious reader. I love to talk about books!

What are a few interesting points about your work​?

Stacey Romberg started her law firm in 1999 as a virtual firm, and it remains a virtual firm. We all work from home offices. My work includes advising new businesses regarding entity formation, working with businesses to create “template” contracts, reviewing and negotiating commercial leases, and advising clients regarding the purchase or sale of a business. I also draft wills and trusts and other estate planning documents, as well as represent clients in both routine and complex probates. My first client as an attorney was a woman farmer pursing a discrimination claim against the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We met in a Works Progress conference room.

Why do you cowork​?

I cowork because I like the community, the flexibility of having an office outside my home when I need one, and a welcoming, professional space to meet with clients.

While my home office is my main office, you’ll find me at a “sit here” desk at Works Progress in between meetings with clients, when school is not in session and my son takes over my office for art projects, or when I just need a change of scenery so that I can focus on a writing project away from distractions (I’m a procrastibaker).

What you love about Works Progress​?

I love that I can join a debate about the best technique to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to preserve its structural integrity, that I can get a cup of darn good coffee while I work, that there are yoga ball chairs, and that I can feel like I’m part of the community, even if I don’t cowork every day.

I was an early Works Progress member when my son was a toddler, and I was starting a solo law practice. I needed a space where I could go and get work done.

After a brief hiatus from coworking, I was so excited to return to Works Progress when our firm was looking for a space to meet with clients that was in the neighborhood and that fit the personality of a virtual law firm. Bland conference rooms are not our style!

Member Highlight – Sondra Kornblatt

Sondra Kornblatt, Founder Restful Insomnia

Sondra KornblattRestful Insomnia

What you do​?

I help people who have trouble sleeping move into deep rest. Deep rest reduces the stress of insomnia, renews for more energy the next day, and opens the door to sleep as well. I teach Restful Insomnia techniques through individual coaching; online and in-person training; and video, including a series on insomnia from current events.​

What are a few interesting points about you​?

​I own Sadie, the BEST dog in the world (no kidding, ask anyone at WP), I love free-form dance, and I just got back from Australia watching my daughter’s USA team win the world championship in Ultimate Frisbee.

What are a few interesting points about your work​?

I love helping people realize they have options to renew when they can’t sleep — that they don’t have to suffer, take meds, or just get up. It’s amazing to see how it transforms their nights and days.

Why do you cowork​?

I started coworking when my youngest daughter left for college— I’d have been alone day and night (other than Sadie) if I worked at home, since my husband died about 10 years ago. But now, I can’t imagine working any where else. I have coworkers — yes they have different jobs and companies and industries! — than I do, but we share weekend adventures, struggles, and successes.

What you love about Works Progress​?

How high can I speak the praises of Marnee? She’s created a community, and not just for show. It’s what she values, and she really wants us to thrive as a community and individuals. From the amusing names of the meeting rooms (I love the Shrieking Shack telephone room) to member lunches and happy hours, to commitment to be as eco-friendly as possible, I DO work at home. But my work home is WorksProgress.

Member Highlight – Yutaka Tamura – Executive Director of nXu

Yutaka Tamura, Executive Director at nXu

Member Highlight

Yutaka Tamura – Executive Director of nXu

What are some interesting points about you?What do you do?

Akin to the Boy and Girl Scouts that help youth navigate the wilderness, nXu cultivates a sense of purpose in high school age youth, helping them develop their inner compass as well as the skills necessary to navigate the 21st century wilderness.  As an emerging youth-driven network, we bring together racially and socioeconomically diverse cohorts of high schoolers from different school types for unconventional, immersive, city-based purpose explorations fueled by a volunteer team of coaches. nXu participants take advantage of their home city—from parks and museums to companies and nonprofits—as a foundational resource to understand themselves, build their community, broaden their perspectives, and, most importantly, develop a sense of purpose.

I’m founder of Excel Academy Charter Schools and served for several years as the Chief Operating Officer of Relay Graduate School of Education.  I spent the first several years of my career as a management consultant at The Parthenon Group. I earned my B.A., magna cum laude, from Amherst College, and earned my MAT with distinction from Relay Graduate School of Education.

Why do you cowork?

Given my team is dispersed nationally, coworking allows me to have a sense of community.  It also allows me to work flexibly.

What you love about Works Progress?

The warm, non-corporate vibe.

We’re hiring!

Works Progress is seeking a motivated individual to work part-time as our mail services account coordinator. This position will include the management, maintenance, and growth of our current business mail, virtual business, and Registered Agent account services. In addition, the position may assist with office reception and other duties as assigned.

The position is $15/hour and will average 5-10 hours per week. This position may grow with the right person. Preferred hours are between 4pm-6pm Monday through Friday, but are flexible and may vary.

For more information, please send an email inquiry.

Meet a Member Monday

While it’s still technically Monday, we’d like to introduce you to Cindy Hagen, our very own in-house health insurance expert! A life long Seattleite, she is the daughter of a retired independent insurance agent, and has grown up around the business. She has been her own boss since 2007, since buying out her father’s business, Hagen Insurance Partners. In her time off, you will find her reading a good book, shuttling her kids to their activities, going to a Mariner game, or waiting for the next Doctor Who episode to be released. With so many independents around the office, it’s great to have Cindy as a resource for our health insurance questions! #meetamemebermonday

Meet a Member Monday

Works Progress member Cari Simson is the owner and founder of Urban Systems Design, specializing in projects that exemplify effective public-private partnerships, inter-agency coordination, and community engagement to transform the built environment. “My professional work is committed to improving the built environment by ensuring multi-stakeholder collaboration in an innovative, participatory design process.” In addition to her sustainable urban design business, Cari is also the founder of the Duwamish Infrastructure Restoration Training – DIRT Corps, which focuses on growing green infrastructure careers through on-the-job training for diverse young adults. We are thrilled to have Cari and her team running sustainable green infrastructure projects out of Works Progress!

Meet a Member Monday

Works Progress member Gonzalo Chirinos is an electrical engineer and world technology manager working for an international technology company focused on mineral processing, water treatment, and mining solutions. As part of his responsibilities, he travels within the Northwest Region and other states or countries where his presence is needed. We are happy that he has chosen Works Progress as his home office in Seattle whenever he’s not traveling!

8 Guilt Free Tips for Leaving Early on Fridays This Summer

Your hammock is calling – don’t let work get in the way of a beautiful relationship!

It’s summertime and you want to get the heck out of the office on Friday afternoons. This can be hard to manage for the hard working solopreneur. We know the type. You are working all the time, even on vacation.

This is our list of 8 guilt-free ways to clinch getting out of the office early on Fridays and enjoying the summer sun:

  1. Don’t multitask: You’re a one-person show; we know that means you’ve got the attention span of a five year old. But don’t let that stop you from using laser focus to get out of the office and into summer early on a Friday afternoons! Stay off social media. Don’t engage with water cooler conversations. No Netflix.
  2. No Meetings: You can start your Fridays off early by being the master of your own calendar – all week. Don’t schedule meetings or calls on Friday. This will only interrupt your to-do list and generate more work to complete before you leave your desk.
  3. Finish at least one project: Let’s face it, that monster to-do list is not going anywhere and you are not going to slay it before the weekend begins. Pick one thing that you can cross off and get it done.
  4. Get organized for NEXT WEEK: You’ve been a busy beaver, go over your meeting notes and to-do items and create an action list for next week. What didn’t happen this week that still needs to get done? Schedule meetings and plan due dates that will move projects forward and make next week feel more successful.
  5. Say NO to Email interruptions: Unless you’re deleting emails or reviewing action items, don’t let arriving email interrupt you. Check it once in the morning and once about 2 hours before you leave.
  6. Back up your computer: How long has it been? 3 months? 6 months? Longer? Slacker.
  7. Lead generation: Do one thing that helps grow your business. Pick up the phone and call a potential client. Review and complete one action item on your marketing plan. Create content for next week and schedule it. Update your ads and discounts. Follow-up on a new lead. Pick one.
  8. Research: There’s never time to review your statistics, past ad campaigns, AdWords results, intake logs, survey results, best practices, any of it. Take some time on Fridays to do some research on current trends in your market, customer/client feedback, or the results of your most recent marketing efforts. Let this help steer your priorities for next week.

You’ve gone down the check-list and you’re still sitting at your desk? Get out outside work-a-holic!

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