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Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

New Community Cultivator

Our Newest Team Member, Mary!

Works Progress is pleased to introduce Mary, our new Receptionist and Community Cultivator. Mary has been a member of the Works Progress community for two years and has already been volunteering with our team. 

Mary is an entrepreneur and long-time coworking space member. She is a strong believer in the value of coworking spaces and the support they offer members in creating work-life balance and an independent lifestyle. Mary has worked in diverse fields from health care to high tech to property management and we are so pleased to have her join our team!

After growing up on a family farm, Mary says that the love of nature has never left her. When not at Works Progress, Mary spends her summers volunteering one day a week with a local organic farm and is currently participating in a two year training program to become a King County Master Gardener. Please join us in welcoming Mary when you see her at reception!

We’re hiring!


Office Receptionist and Community Cultivator

We are seeking an outgoing and dynamic person to help with reception, community cultivation and office assistant duties at our coworking space in Greenwood. Works Progress is a neighborhood community sharing a mix of flexible coworking desks, dedicated desks and private offices. We also rent our multipurpose space and meeting rooms to outside groups. The perfect candidate will be good with people, flexible and interested in learning about coworking.

Compensation: $15/hr

Part-time: 20-25 hours per week, Monday through Friday from 8am-1pm, with possible growth to 30 or more hours within the first six months. 

Description: This position will be responsible for assisting the owner with all aspects of running the coworking office, including: coordinating member events and outreach; filing; membership sales; updating office supplies; tracking membership growth; and basic administrative assistance for members. 

Reception Duties

  • Greet people by name.
  • Answer the phone and greet walk-ins.
  • Give tours and answer questions for new and prospective members.
  • Respond promptly to information queries and emails.
  • Take Payments and Sign-up new members.
  • Receive and direct visitors.
  • Help plan and promote coworking and events.
  • Assist members with printer connections, system login and payment options.

General Office Duties

  • Maintain accurate electronic data and paper files of clients.
  • CRM data entry.
  • Assist with opening the office as scheduled.
  • Create spreadsheets and presentations as needed.
  • General administrative duties including filing, sorting mail and organization of the office.
  • Scheduling staff and event calendar & advance coordination of staffing needs.
  • Create outreach materials for distribution.
  • Assist with other assignments as needed.
  • Assist with production of e-newsletters.


  • Ability to work independently, without direct supervision a MUST.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to take initiative and follow through on tasks
  • At least 1 year of office assistant experience preferred.
  • Strong initiative and creative ability.
  • Sales experience a plus.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to work as a team in a small office setting.
  • Highly organized.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.
  • Proficiency in doing web searches and using social media.

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to

Works Progress is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, national origin, ethnic background or disability.

Fall In Love With Coworking in 2017

6 reasons why 2017 will be the year you fall in love with coworking

-Reposted from the Vibe Coworks, originally posted January 5, 2017

1. You finally understand what coworking actually is.


Most people have no idea what coworking is. Or they think they do, but they’ve got it all wrong. This is the year you will have it all figured out. Lest there be any confusion, coworking isn’t about ‘holding hands and singing hymns while getting things done’ (thank you Sean Kelly @Spark Commons for clarifying that one…). But it’s also not something that’s only for high-tech start-ups, or just a place for shared office space–both misunderstandings that Works Progress’ Marnee Chua hears all the time.

“Until you see it,” says Marnee, “a lot of people don’t understand that the most important part of coworking is the community it provides for people who are otherwise isolated–people who work from home, telecommute, freelance or are starting their own small business. A neighborhood coworking space provides a location to share your experiences, network with peers and be more productive by helping to separate work time from home life.”

So go ahead, revel in the sense of freedom and personal responsibility that coworking can give you. “You get the perks of an office without ‘the boss’ breathing down your neck. And ideally you will meet some great people,” Sean told us. “Perhaps you’ll burst into song if you’re feeling a beat, too. Your call.”

2. Inspiration and passion are contagious.


Ask Vibe Coworks cofounder, Marcel Imbach, what first got him hooked on coworking, and you’ll get an unequivocal reply: “the vibe.”

“I walked into my first coworking space and was immediately struck by the atmosphere,” he said. “It was a place where people had chosen to be, and everyone there was not only passionate about the work that they were doing, but interested in working alongside others that were equally driven by the work they were doing. People were visibly productive, happy and expressing creativity. That sort of atmosphere is contagious, and can inspire so many great new ideas and opportunities.”

In the same way that not every restaurant serves good food, not every coworking community offers that same contagiously motivational energy. That’s why it’s worth trying out as many different spaces as you need, until you find the one that lights that I-can-conquer-the-world fire in your belly. As in life, diversity of coworking spaces is a good thing. And now more than ever, you’ve got options.

3. Crazy cool things can happen to you at a coworking space.


Take, for example, Spark Commons in Bremerton, where a local systems architect dropped by for the day to get some work done, only to discover that his employer was one of the biggest web development clients of Spark Commons founder, Sean Kelly. They’re a global company, making it–as Sean says–“surprising and serendipitous” for the two of them to meet and live in Kitsap.

Better yet, you might get to build some pretty solid relationships with people from entirely different industries than your own–people who you’d have no real excuse to meet otherwise. That’s the case for Vibe’s Marcel Imbach: architects and designers sit alongside naturopaths, journalists, financial analysts, lawyers, artists, authors and nonprofit pros. Somehow, miraculously, all of those peeps not only get along, but they enhance each others work just as often as they form formal business partnerships and unexpected friendships.

As if that weren’t exciting enough, you might also get to experience things like the Coworking Visa, a special nation-wide pass that allows members of participating coworking spaces to work from another space for free, usually up to 3 days while traveling. The fact that a dad from Works Progress was able to swap membership spots for a week with a dad from Office Nomads in Seattle while juggling the summer camp / childcare shuffle with their daughters is just one of the crazy cool coworking things that Works Progress cofounder, Marnee Chua loves to talk about.

4. More money, more time, more happy.


Why? Because, as Office Xpats cofounder Leslie Schneider explains, “coworking gives more people the chance to work, and therefore spend local, and be closer to their family’s needs. It gives one-person businesses the chance to grow within an informal incubator, and without any commitment to long-term leases. Coworking gives an entire community of professionals the chance to find each other, develop trust and eventually do some business with one another.”

And while coworking opens up a world of possibility for everyone, it can be an especially powerful option for women. “We’ve found that the highest barriers for women in their careers and in operating small businesses come down to 3 things: access to capital; access to female coaches and mentors within their field; and access to flexible and affordable childcare”, said Marnee Chua, who has also cofounded the Women’s Business Incubator in Seattle. Coworking can help break down all of those barriers by building networks, connecting people and ideas and offering an effective infrastructure for more flexible work-life integration.

5. You realize that your home office, coffee shop and brick and mortar office are all great… until you try a coworking space.

To really understand what coworking has to offer, you first need to try working from home, a few coffee shops and a brick and mortar office. Once you do, Leslie Schneider swears you’ll know exactly what you’re missing when you try working from a coworking space instead.static1-squarespace-4

Cortney Stehlik-Freeman sings the same song. She started the Central Kitsap & Bremerton Coworking MeetUp in 2015, after leaving full-time employment to work for herself and finding the daily grind of the work-from-home life stifling, both physically and creatively.

“Coworking spaces have a different feel than ‘normal’ offices,” she told us. “You’re there with coworkers, there’s coffee brewing and copiers running…but there’s a more productive and creative atmosphere than there is at a typical office. I do a combination of working from home, from coffee shops and from a coworking space on different days, depending on what my work requires that day. I like that my coworking space gives me a place to meet with clients and colleagues in a more professional setting than a coffee shop. On days that I cowork, I feel more productive, which I think is attributable to the productivity of the atmosphere and the people around me.”

6. You finally have options, right here in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!


Stay local this year and find a coworking community right in your neighborhood! Thanks to changing remote work policies, improved technology and with over 30 coworking spaces in the Greater Puget Sound, you can finally be the master of your own work+life balance.

Cortney Stehlik-Freeman is convinced that we are living in a “very exciting time for entrepreneurs and others who choose to live their lives according to their own design.” You catch that? According to their own design. “Essentially, it means that we can finally do the work that we want, while also creating the lifestyle we want.”

Ready to give coworking a try? DO IT! Hit up a local coworking space or two, and find a coworking community that matches your needs and style!

Fang-tastic October Discounts!

imagesWorks Progress is now 5,000 sf with more private offices and coworking space – now with more dedicated desks available!

Receive 50% off your first months membership if you sign-up for a dedicated desk in October.  Not ready for a dedicated desk? First time sign-ups can receive 20% discount off their first months’ membership for any part-time package.

Sign-up for a tour and free trial day today! 

Not sure what package is best for you? Works Progress offers two types of coworking memberships: full-time or part-time. Need 24/7 access? Members of one month or longer can sign-up for 24/7 access with an annual fee.

We are the only coworking space in Seattle to offer hourly and daily packages for part-time members. You pick the set of hours or days that works best for you, let us take care of the rest!

Seattle Coworking Week Discounts and Events

13641030_911559978969956_108748902126339715_oWe’re happy to announce Seattle Coworking Week September 12-23! This year, the City will be proclaiming Tuesday, September 20 as Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance Day! Why is this important?

Small businesses are integral to the economic fabric of the city, as an important source of jobs and vital contributors to Seattle’s unique identity. In addition to our small businesses, one in three Americans are freelancing, or an estimated 53.7 million people have done freelance work in the past year as people increasingly build flexible careers on their own terms – based on their passions and their desired lifestyle.

Coworking spaces are providing structure for this otherwise dynamic and often invisible community of small businesses, nonprofits, and independent professionals. The benefits to the broader economy can be seen by the sheer growth of the coworking movement. A recent article on Shareable notes that Emergent Research is predicting the number of coworking spaces worldwide to grow to 26,000 in 2020 from 11,000 this year.

That’s 3,000 more – coworking spaces- than the number of Starbucks stores worldwide in 2015.

In that same time, it is estimated that nearly 3.8 million members will be working out of a coworking space. In Seattle, where small businesses, social impact and entrepreneurship are so valued, we can expect to see the onward growth of coworking to continue. There are twenty coworking spaces working together in the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance, an organization that’s mission is to unify, support and promote the coworking and collaborative space movement.

Karl Stickel, the City of Seattle Entrepreneurship and Industry Manager, will be presenting a proclamation declaring Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance Day on Mayor Ed Murray’s behalf on Tuesday, September 20th at 12pm. Tuesday’s picnic and coworking celebration at Seattle Center is just one of the many coworking events that will be happening all week at collaborative spaces across the city. Seattle Coworking Week is a great opportunity to learn about all the coworking communities in Seattle and get a local perspective on this growing global phenomenon.

Join Works Progress all week for 50% OFF First Month’s Membership Discounts, and our FREE Coworking Open House and Happy Hour on Thursday, September 22 from 5pm-7pm. We will be hosting a lively game of networking BINGO, all part of our annual coworking scavenger hunt at the event. Win prizes, make new friends and tour one of Seattle’s thriving coworking communities. Discounts apply to first-time members during the week of September 19-23 only. 

Works Progress is located at 115 N 85th Street, upstairs from Dreamstrands Comics. Call 206-466-1624 or sign-up on our Facebook Page!

Follow #SEAcoWeek on Twitter to see updates throughout the week. For more information, visit the SCSA Coworking Week page: We’re so excited about Seattle Coworking Week, we thought we’d share this video of John Barrowman dancing. Your welcome.

Community Project Labs

Works Progress Community Project Labs

At Works Progress, we want to help your inner child rediscover the joy of learning and creating new things. What’s more, we want to help you and your projects stay relevant in todays rapidly evolving world.

That’s why we are putting together a project lab for our members. Our initial focus is on creating and editing videos, digital editing projects, audio editing projects, podcasting, 3D printing, and a small projects station. Works Progress members will be able to use these tools to take their projects to the next level; professionals can complete projects without the upfront costs of purchasing all their own equipment; and anyone that wants individualized training and project support can work with one of our media experts.

Video Editing Bay

Video Editing Bay

Editing Bay and Projects Room – The Tardis

Our editing bay and projects room is set-up for your project small or large. Gain easy access to a full suite of editing tools including the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro; reserve the media room to present your project to clients; or sign-up for a knowledgable trainer to help get your project off the ground.

Equipment available:

    • Apple iMac with Retina 5K, 27” display, i5 CPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive, Thunderbolt, AMD Radeon GPU w/ 2GB vRAM, External USB 3.0.
    • Apple Mac Pro, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD-RAID Primary Volume, AMD Radeon GPU w/ 2GB vRAM and  NVidia Tesla M20 GPU w/ 6GB vRAM, USB 3.0
    • Asus Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 980x, 24GB RAM, NVidia Tesla M20 GPU w/ 6GB vRAM, USB 3.0
    • 2 additional Full HD displays, three displays total for iMac 5K.
    • All computers Support USB 3.0 External Drives.
    • Drobo 5N Network Disk for Temporary Storage.
    • 3D Printer

      3D Printer

      PrintrBot Metal Plus (8”x8”x8” Build Area) 3D Printer with Cura Slicing Software installed on all 3 computers.

    • MakerBot 3D Digital Scanner.
    • Local Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Ports available for private computers.
    • Apple TV 4th Gen (32GB)
    • Digital Combination Safe for storing Disks when using the room for multiple days.



Creative Video Room

Creative Video Room

Creative video, photo and podcast rooms – Diagon Alley & the Leaky Cauldron

Works progress can rent out a private room with equipment for your webinar, online class, professional photos, merchandise sales, video blogging, podcasting, or other creative project. Deposit and rental fee for equipment usage may be required. For use on premises only.

Equipment available:

    • Green screen backdrop
    • Lighting, including light tent, clip-on and Umbrella in 2700K and 6000K color temperature.
    • GoPro Hero 4   Silver (Full HD Action Camera)
    • GoPro Hero 4   Black (Ultra HD 4K Action Camera)
    • GoPro Hero 3+ Black (Full HD Action Camera)
    • GoPro Hero 3   Silver (Full HD Action Camera)
    • GoPro Hero 3   White (Full HD Action Camera)
    • Panasonic HX-A100 (Hull HD Action Camera)
    • Panasonic HX-A500 (Ultra HD 4K Action Camera)
    • Nikon D60      (DSLR)
    • Nikon D5300  (DSLR)
    • Nikon Lenses, 50mm, 35mm, 18mm to 55mm and more.
    • Sigma DP2s Camera (Simple Digital Camera)
    • Sony Micro-Pico Laser Projector

Coming soon:

  • Blue Snowball iCE Microphone
  • Portable sound wall

Diagon Alley is a small room for up to 8 people and various creative projects with easy noise control. Perfect for filming your online class content; creating excellent pictures of your merchandise; video blogging; podcasting projects; or other creative content.

The Leaky Cauldron is a 20-person screening room that can be rented out for $100/hour on

The Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron

evenings and weekends and can also be used for larger photo and video projects with mobile green screen and smaller conference rooms available for private make-up and dressing rooms.

Access to the Community Projects Lab

Access to the lab starts with membership at Works Progress. Available during regular hours for rental. After-hours available on a case by case basis for professional use.

Use of equipment: $25/hour or $150/day, for members only. Deposit may be required.

Need Training?

If you would like access to the equipment, but need some training to get your project started right, you can have a one-on-one training with a professional to walk you through step-by-step. One-on-one training is available for $125/hour for Works Progress members and $150/hour for nonmembers.

To make a reservation, email Marnee at

Summertime Adventures Around The Sound

Summertime Adventures Around The Sound

Coworking is meant to help with your flexible work schedule. Summer in the Puget Sound is a great place to practice the flexible part of your working (or not working) arrangement! Here are a few of our recommendations for your summer to-do list. For kids of all ages.

Three Unusual Picnic Spots!

    Edmonds-Kingston Ferry

    Edmonds-Kingston Ferry

  1. Kingston Beach. Walk on to the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry for a short ride before enjoying a picnic on the beach by the ferry terminal. If you’d rather have crepes for lunch (and who could blame you), J’aime Les Crepes is a delicious stop by the ferry port in Kingston. Our favorite mini-donut and ice cream stop can be found at the small coffee kiosk when boarding the ferry for your return trip.
  2. Jetty Island. Catch the free Jetty Island walk on ferry and enjoy a day at the beach like no other. This is a great spot for flying kites, taking long walks, picnics, and sand castle building.
    Jetty Island Crowds

    Jetty Island Crowds

  3. Electric boat on South Lake Union. Grab some friends, cheese, wine, and a couple of good board games and enjoy an evening two hour cruise around Lake Union. This is really the way to go when you have a visitor in town or just want to get out and do something new.

Two Excellent Bike Trails For All Levels:

Getting out on the Centennial Trail

Getting out on the Centennial Trail

  1. Centenial Trail – the Centennial Trail is a beautiful and relaxing ride between Snohomish and Arlington with plenty of beauty and stops along the way. The path is even and wide and lovely for bike enthusiasts at any level. Bring a picnic or plan to eat dinner in historic downtown Snohomish, especially if it coincides with one of their Snohomish Wine Walks!
  2. Bicycle Sundays – Lake Washington Boulevard closes to cars between Mount Baker Beach and Seward park on select Sundays through the Summer from 10am-6pm. 


Six Super-Sweet Splash Playgrounds:

  1. Forest Park in Everett. This park has it all: a petting farm, splash zone, playground, picnic area, and covered pool!
  2. Jefferson Park in Tacoma. This park spans over 15 acres with spray park and playground. Take a quick stop down town for Legendary Donuts on your way home!
  3. Les Gove Park Rotary Play Sprayground in Auburn. This park is surrounded by lots to do with picnic areas, trails and restaurants.
  4. Seattle Center International Fountain. Great for relaxing in the sun, the fountain is often timed to music, and while you’re there, stop by the new musical playground behind the EMP Museum.
  5. Northacres Park in north Seattle (just north of Northgate Mall). This park is surrounded by a  small forest, picnic area, playground, off leash dog park and more!
  6. Warren G. Magnuson Park Wading Pool near University Village. Magnuson has a shocking amount of things to do with beaches, playground, butterfly garden, and off-leash dog park in addition to their wading pool.

The Parent Map has a more extensive list of Seattle Area Splash Parks:

Eight Delightful Farmer’s Markets:

  1. Everett Farmers Market – Sundays 11am-4pm
  2. Bothell Farmers Market  – Fridays 12pm-6pm (has the added advantage of being at the Country Village in Bothell)
  3. Wallingford Farmer’s Market – Wednesdays 3:30pm to 7Pm
  4. Columbia City Farmer’s Market – Wednesdays 3pm to 7pm
  5. Juanita Friday Market (Kirkland) – Fridays 3pm-7pm
  6. Issaquah Farmer’s Market – Saturdays 9am-2pm
  7. Edmonds Farmers Market – Saturdays 9am-2pm
  8. Our very own PhinneyWood Farmer’s Market – Fridays 3:30pm-7:30pm

Catch A Mariner’s Game!

For a full schedule of special event games & to purchase tickets, go here, otherwise here are our recommended special games:

  • June 28 at 7:10pm Family Night
  • July 1 at 7:10pm Fireworks Night
  • July 3 at 1:10pm Run Around the Bases (postgame) for kids 14 & under
  • July 17 at 1:10pm Run Around the Bases (postgame) for kids 14 & under
  • July 18 at 7:10pm Family Night
  • August 8 at 7:10pm Family Night
  • August 19 at 7:10pm Fireworks Night
  • August 20 at 6:10pm Star Wars Return of the Jedi Postgame Movie!!
  • August 21 at 1:10pm Taijuan “Sky” Walker Bobble Head Day & Run Around the Bases (postgame) for kids 14 & under

Ten Fun-for-all-ages Fairs And Festivals:

  1. Georgetown Carnival. June 11 12pm-10pm, even if you don’t like clowns, this looks amazing! The Odmall Emporium of the Weird will be there also, so a good place to catch them!
  2. Fremont Solstice Fair. June 17-19
  3. Biringer Farm Strawberry Festival. June 18 & 19
  4. Seattle Bot Battles. June 19 12-5pm Seattle Center Armory
    Sequim lavender Fields

    Sequim lavender Fields

  5. Midsomer Festival. June 25 & 26 at the Camlan Medieval Village in Carnation
  6. Shakespeare in the Park. July 8-August 13
  7. Timber! Outdoor Music Festival. July 14-16, the music looks great, but check out the rest of the onsite camping and activities!
  8. Darrington Bluegrass Festival. July 15-17
  9. Seafair Indian Days Pow Wow. July 15-17
  10. Sequim Lavendar Weekend. July 15, 16, & 17

For a full Seattle focused list of annual festivals, you can’t beat the list here:

Three True Family Adventures:

  1. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Not your everyday zoo, this special conservation and education program has a lot of great tours and events! Why not combine adventures and go see the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium the same day?

    Meet the capybara!

  2. Canoe the Slough. The Mercer Slough Nature Park Trail has lots to offer for kids of all ages.
  3. Kangaroo Farm. Visit this family run farm in Arlington to get up close with Kangaroos,  Wallabies, Lemurs (no joke), Llamas, and a really fat pygmy goat named Chunky Monkey. Great day trip to combine with fruit picking.

Stargazing Around the Sound

Three Drive-in Movie Theaters Still Operating:

  1. LeMay America’s Car Museum Drive-in Movie Nights
  2. Blue Fox Drive-In Theater in Oak Harbor, WA
  3. Wheel-in Motor Movie in Port Townsend, WA

Can’t make it to the drive-in? Try an outdoor theater closer to home. The Seattle Met has an extensive listing for Outdoor Movies around Seattle:

U-Pick Farms

The ParentMap List has this covered, check it out here: Do follow their recommendations to confirm dates and times for each farm.

Six Long Weekend Recommendations:

Card games at Diablo Lake!

Card games at Diablo Lake!

  1. Winthrop, WA is wonderful for a long weekend getaway.
  2. Thought Leavenworth was just awesome around the holidays? With tons to do in the summer, don’t miss out on a weekend to this Bavarian Village.
  3. Forks and First Beach, WA has more than just sparkly vampires! This beautiful little corner of the world is well worth the extra drive and ferry time.
  4. Whidbey Island, WA offers beautiful vistas, great outdoor activities, yummy food and garuanteed rabbit sightings. Don’t miss out! We highly recommend Seabolt’s Smoke House (dinner) in Oak Harbor, The Braeburn Restaurant (breakfast) in Langley, Deception Pass State Park and a visit to Fort Ebey State Park and it’s beautiful sandy beach.
  5. Colonial Creek Campground on Diablo Lake off the 20, these are walk-in only sites, so you have to leave early on Friday or even better Thursday to get your site. These are
    Go hungry to the night market!

    Go hungry to the night market!

    great tent sites, but do bring the mosquito repellant!

  6. Richmond Night Market, Vancouver. There are so manygreat reasons to visit Vancouver, but if you haven’t found one yet, than you need to go for the Richmond Night Market. Go hungry.
  • Looking for more than a weekend? 
      • AOL Adventure Lab. This coworking office-in-a-van is ready to take you camping around the southwest. They are just wrapping up their crowdfunding campaign, but we are ready to book a trip with them as soon as possible!
      • Coboat will be exploring the Mediterranean between June and November this year on an 82 foot catamaran. Yes please.

Three TIPS to Create a Family Friendly Workspace

photo 4

Creating a space for work & play.

When my dream to open a coworking space with flexible, on-site childcare met with significant challenges early on, my business partner and I worked to create the next best alternative. My original dream was a safe place for parents to bring their children to work, but avoid interruptions. What we quickly discovered was that coworking and childcare in the United States, as it has proven over and over in the last ten years, is a high risk, low gain endeavor. That is one reason why we have started a nonprofit organization that will focus on meeting the needs of mothers in business. For more information on the Women’s Business Incubator, click here.

Works Progress is an adult coworking workspace, but we are family friendly. Because it is my business, I have had to regularly bring my children. They have probably spent more time at my coworking office than at our home.

But knowing that they might encounter small children on-site, will other people want to become members? Is that the atmosphere that I want to present at our coworking space for adult professionals?

While it’s true that Works Progress is meant to be as productive as possible for working adults, it’s also true that – YES – I absolutely want our space to be inviting for families. Our doors are open for parents who are trying to find that illusive work-life balance. We want everyone to feel that they are welcome during the work day and during member events, family in-tow if needed.

Over the last three years, we have had time to hone our community to include everyone – even parents! Here are our top three tips for creating a welcoming environment without being too disruptive:

  1. Space that welcomes childrenSometime in the first year we bought a train table for our lobby. This one investment may

    The Burrow has room to play & work.

    have been the best $100 we ever spent. It was one of the first things that anyone saw when they entered our space. Along those lines, we try to put our best foot forward from the very beginning. We always welcome children on facility tours. In addition, we have found that sometimes, parents just need an extra hour to get some work done. That’s one reason why we created a special place for the train table with our recent expansion. ‘The Burrow’ is a small, child-friendly meeting room. Parents who are in-between good options can still bring their children in with them. In addition to the train table, the Burrow now includes a small play kitchen, chalkboard wall, coloring table, legos, and blocks. While parents have to mind their children at all times, at least they still have an out-of-the house option to try to complete their work on time.

  2. Family friendly eventsIt’s so hard to network when you’re a parent. Isn’t 7pm bedtime? Dance lessons at 5:30pm? Is it professional to bring your three year old to happy hour? We can’t solve all problems, but we do invite our members to bring their family to the majority of our in-house events. We try to make sure that child friendly snacks are as much a part of our happy hour as wine is for the adults. Some events, like movie night and board game night, are especially open to families.
  3. FlexibilityOur member packages were designed with working parents in mind. Some might just need a few hours while their children are in preschool. Others may try to work full time out of the house – but not too far away – to balance their work and family needs. We want to provide the flexibility that helps meet the needs of todays modern family. Check out our flexible daily and hourly packages here.

For traditional work environments, these may not be policies that you can adopt, however, by connecting with coworking spaces close to where your employees live, you might be able to support and retain your employees by offering telework, remote work and job sharing options through their closest coworking office.

WP Featured Member: Jessica Rhode

Last month we sat down with Carrie Beck who works at Southern Explorations arranging trips to Antarctica. For this month’s Works Progress Featured Member, we decided to explore the northern hemisphere- the Arctic to be precise. Member Jessica Rohde (pronounced row-dee) is the Web Manager and Project coordinator for the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC).

How long have you been doing this?

This is a real mammoth bone -- not a fossil or a replica! It's been preserved in ice for 12,000 years

This is a real mammoth bone — not a fossil or a replica! It’s been preserved in ice for 12,000 years.

About a year and a half.

Tell me more about what you do

I help scientists who study the Arctic communicate and collaborate across different scientific disciplines and also across the public and private sectors. For example, we have a collaboration team that focuses on the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas – those are off the North coast of Alaska. Normally they are covered with ice for a lot of the year. But the Arctic is warming very quickly — about twice as fast as the rest of the world. So there is less ice than before and this affects many aspects of the ecosystem – the circulation of the water, the animals and people who hunt for food on the ice, etc. In my work, I might connect a physical oceanographer from a government agency with a scientist they might not otherwise work with, like a social scientist from a non-profit in Alaska. They might work on a problem together like predicting how much sea ice there will be in a given season and how it might affect the community that uses that part of the ocean.

What are your favorite things about working for IARPC?

I can work from anywhere – so I travel a lot! I’ve just visited Fairbanks, Alaska last month and played around on a snowmobile. My next stop is the Galapagos where I can’t wait to swim with penguins at the equator!

The benefits are great, but the best part is the feeling of making a difference in the world. The Arctic is changing very fast, but I’m helping scientists team up to solve hard problems and accelerate the pace of Arctic research.

Who are your typical clients?

Scientists who work on all different types of Arctic research: such as social scientists studying indigenous communities, wildfire ecologists studying the effects of fire on plant and animal communities, marine scientists studying marine mammals, fish and seabirds, atmospheric chemists studying the different gases in the atmosphere.

How do you communicate with your clients?

I run webinars, almost one everyday. A lot of video conferencing, telephone calls. Endless emails. It’s not so bad, but I do love to get the chance to talk to people face to face. Conferences are like vacations for me.

How has a coworking space benefited you?

I like feeling more focused when I’m here and not having the distractions of being in my home. I really like getting to meet people and all the social events you guys do. Especially Whiskey Progress!

Spartan Race, WA 2015

What do you like to do on your time off?

Trail running, cross-country skiing, travel, trying new extreme sports and wandering around looking for adventures. Oh, and I save the polar bears. 😉

 Favorite place to eat in Seattle?

Oh gosh. I’m a vegan so it’s really hard… Araya’s Thai food. There is one in the U-district and Capitol Hill and it’s all vegan but you wouldn’t know that because it’s AMAZING. Their avocado curry is the bomb.

What do you like to listen to?

*laughs* Well, usually I listen to really crappy catchy pop music. Sometimes when I’m feeling more sophisticated I’ll listed to KEXP or I listen to a lot of science and travel pod casts. 


Too much fun on a snowmobile in Fairbanks, Alaska on her previous trip.

Favorite WP event so far?

I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. They’re all good but I really like Spaceteam Fridays.

Thank you, Jessica, for letting us get to know you more! It is with bittersweet feelings to announce Jessica will be moving to Washington, D.C. after her trip to Ecuador. The Works Progress team and members are excited for all of Jessica’s upcoming adventures but are sad to see her go! Follow her travel adventures on Instagram @RockyRohde

Best of luck on all your future endeavors! Be sure to visit us when you can 🙂


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