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We’re Expanding!

Celebratory selfie with our realtor, Lourdes C. Valdesuso, after signing the new lease.

Celebratory selfie with our realtor, Lourdes C. Valdesuso, after signing the new lease.

Works Progress is expanding in our current building, going from ½ to ¾ of top floor and adding 1,600 square feet to our space! We hope to have the new space available for members by our one year anniversary on December 1. As part of our expansion, we plan to offer some new conveniences and increase the amount of space for existing services. We are also excited to be working with a local company, Locos Legos, who will create almost zero waste in the remodel and continue our efforts to use recycled and re-used materials in our office decor.

Everything that is currently available should continue to be available throughout the build-out of the new space and we expect minimal interruption of services.

New Offerings

We are excited to add some new features with the expansion. Our plans include: a multi-purpose space for flexible desk coworking and evening/weekend events; a private office; two private phone rooms equipped for video calls; a larger, modern conference room; a larger kitchen area; and a multi-media room with reservable work stations for video editing, scanning projects, and design software.

Coworking Space

The new multi-purpose room will add many flexible desks. Works Progress currently has room for eight fixed desks in our original suite and we have only one space left!

Today Locos Legos is removing the ceiling tile grid to raise the height of the room.

Today Locos Legos is removing the ceiling tile grid in the new space to raise the height of the room.

Event Space

During the evenings and on weekends, the desks in the multi-purpose room can be rearranged into event space! Lectures, workshops, yoga classes, Meetups — you name it! Want to rent the space once for your holiday party or teach a class there every Thursday? Right now the options are wide open, so please contact us.

Private Office for One-on-One Sessions

Our new private office will be fully furnished and have its own private entry from the main hall. Counselors or health practitioners looking for a private space to meet with clients will be able to reserve the space by day of the week. Your hours will be what you need them and you will have access to the shared kitchen, high speed internet, and printer/fax/copy machine during your booked hours. Need to see clients every Thursday? It’s yours. You’ll pay $150 for all 4 Thursdays (for example) of that month!

Conference Room

Our larger 10 to 12 person conference room will include speaker/conference phone equipment, a wall screen with direct connection to your laptop, iPad, or other device, and a white board.

Private Phone Rooms

Our new phone rooms will have universal laptop ports, monitor and video camera for video calls.

Multi-media room

Three reservable workstation computers will be available for members and will be fully loaded with Adobe Creative Suite, video editing software, and possibly additional fancy gear for your special projects. Have some special needs? Let us know what software YOU would like to see! In addition, a dedicated scanner will be available to link to the workstation for your scanning projects. And just in case you need a break to rock out with the folks sitting next to you, our new media cart comes with a TV and Xbox (with headphones).

Next Steps

Some changes are still in the works. Interested in any of this? Please let us know!  We’ll plan to have a soft opening to show it off in December and a larger event in late January after everyone has recovered from the holidays.

Info Session & Monthly Member Potluck

Join us on Thursday, November 14 at noon to get to know our members and learn more about our expansion plans! This is a great time to come in if you’re interested in becoming a member or using some of our new services.

Contact us.

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