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Virtual Reality Lab

VR Go! is a Virtual Reality Arcade, Virtual Art Studio, and Virtual Education and Experience Lab based in the Works Progress event space. The company brings together the VR curious with experts in the field to provide a platform where fun, community, art, and science can flourish through the endless possibilities of VR.

Dedicated to creating an open and friendly community where everyone is welcome, the company offers VR arcade rental, educational presentations, themed events, and party rental on weekends. In addition, VR Go! is conveniently located inside the Works Progress coworking space to provide game, art, education and experience developers with high quality equipment during the weekday. Must be a Works Progress member to utilize the lab during the weekdays. VR Go! charges an additional fee of $150/month for 10 hours of equipment use.

Visit their website at to book your experience or call or email for more information: 206-701-0262 or

VR GO! screen and user

AR/VR Developers Welcome

Our VR Lab includes (4) HTC Vive Pro stations with high end equipment running each station. Must be a member of Works Progress to utilize the equipment weekdays. If you would like to be a part of a thriving coworking community, house yourself or your team in a coworking office, and utilize the Vive Pro stations as needed, consider joining Works Progress. Members pay an add-on $100 per month for ten hours equipment use. Developers with equipment and games to test may apply to test during arcade hours with the general public. If you have specific questions about the equipment, testing capabilities, and arcade opportunities, please call 206-701-0262 or email Paul and Marnee at

Virtual Reality Arcade

VR Go! is committed to curating the best games and experiences that ensure the maximum levels of collaboration, social interaction and healthy interaction with virtual worlds and each other. During weekends and special events, VR Go! provides a space for people to immerse themselves in virtual worlds using high quality equipment. Open weekends:

  • Friday from 7pm-10pm
  • Saturday from 1pm-10pm
  • Sunday from 1pm-8pm

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