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Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance – Public Statement

Pleased to share the following statement from the Seattle Coworking Community and proud to be part of this strong and diverse community of individuals: 

Coworking Seattle Calls for Action:

We seek the immediate reunification of families, humane and ethical treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers, and call for action to properly document and take care of all immigrant children in our custody.

As members of the Seattle coworking industry, who have built businesses on the values of Community, Openness, Collaboration, Diversity, Sustainability, and Accessibility, we jointly and strongly condemn the inhumane treatment of immigrant children evidenced by the United States Department of Justice in the past two months. We also strongly condemn the practice of separating children from their families and persecuting asylum seekers.

We believe that innocent children should not be separated from their parents. We believe the “Zero Tolerance” directive issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is cruel, immoral and outrageous and demand a plan for the safe and immediate reunification of families, timely processing of asylum seekers, and the fair and ethical treatment of all immigrants, legal or otherwise.

As a nation of immigrants, we demand and expect better, and call on our community to do the same.