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Pledge to be a founding owner!

The Works Progress Co-op will be independent, democratic, and community-owned.

Seeking Founding Owners
The first co-op owners will have an opportunity to set the tone and culture of the co-op for years to come. Owners will participate in the exciting process of deciding all the firsts, owning a business, maintaining the independence and sustainability of our coworking space, and electing the first board. Interested? Please complete the pledge form by June 1, 2019. There will be schwag for founding owners.

Buying a Consumer Share
One consumer share of the Works Progress Co-op is $500, and can be purchased all at once or in small installments over a one year period. We will begin taking pledges immediately and be ready to take ownership share purchases beginning June 1, 2019. 

The Works Progress Co-op will be (at least initially) a Consumer Cooperative, where consumer shares are an equity investment that helps ensure the long-term sustainability of your Coworking space, finance and improve operations, and minimize outside debt. Owners also support the Co-op by working here, hosting events, and by participating in the Co-op’s democratic processes, like voting in our Elections or serving on our Board.

Learn more on our info page and our FAQ or write to us with questions at