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Member Highlight – Sondra Kornblatt

Sondra Kornblatt, Founder Restful Insomnia

Sondra KornblattRestful Insomnia

What you do​?

I help people who have trouble sleeping move into deep rest. Deep rest reduces the stress of insomnia, renews for more energy the next day, and opens the door to sleep as well. I teach Restful Insomnia techniques through individual coaching; online and in-person training; and video, including a series on insomnia from current events.​

What are a few interesting points about you​?

​I own Sadie, the BEST dog in the world (no kidding, ask anyone at WP), I love free-form dance, and I just got back from Australia watching my daughter’s USA team win the world championship in Ultimate Frisbee.

What are a few interesting points about your work​?

I love helping people realize they have options to renew when they can’t sleep — that they don’t have to suffer, take meds, or just get up. It’s amazing to see how it transforms their nights and days.

Why do you cowork​?

I started coworking when my youngest daughter left for college— I’d have been alone day and night (other than Sadie) if I worked at home, since my husband died about 10 years ago. But now, I can’t imagine working any where else. I have coworkers — yes they have different jobs and companies and industries! — than I do, but we share weekend adventures, struggles, and successes.

What you love about Works Progress​?

How high can I speak the praises of Marnee? She’s created a community, and not just for show. It’s what she values, and she really wants us to thrive as a community and individuals. From the amusing names of the meeting rooms (I love the Shrieking Shack telephone room) to member lunches and happy hours, to commitment to be as eco-friendly as possible, I DO work at home. But my work home is WorksProgress.