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Member Highlight – Lewis Lin

Lewis C. Lin is an author, entrepreneur, tech executive, and public speaker.

What do you do?

I’m CEO of two companies: PeopleMaven and Impact Interview. If Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey can run two companies at once, I can too!

PeopleMaven allows you to save, share, and discover amazing people from talented software engineers to homeopathic doctors.

Impact Interview provides interview coaching services for job seekers.

What are a few interesting points about you​?

Dream job: Subway Sandwich Artist

TV show I’m currently watching: Westworld Season 2

What I eat for breakfast: Cupcakes

Favorite drink: The Taro Cocktail that Paul Made 2 Years Ago

You’ll find me saying: “Awesome” or “Dude”

I’m also a proud owner of two rescue piñatas, Larry & Sergey. Inches away from a grisly beheading in 2017, you’ll now find them in our office. Come by and say hello. They love treats!

What are a few interesting points about your work​?

I spend my work day reading about fascinating people, featured on PeopleMaven.

My favorite discovery so far: Hedy Lamarr. Lamarr was a 1940s Hollywood starlet AND invented radio guidance technology for World War II torpedoes. Her invention is now the foundation of AirPods and other Bluetooth devices today.

Why not have it all?

Why do you cowork​?

Compared with working at home or a coffee shop, it has the following benefits:

Fewer distractions

Professional environment for client-facing companies

Amenities including reception, delivery, kitchen facilities

What you love about Works Progress​?

Community is the first thing that comes to mind. Marnee and Mary do an incredible job in finding the nicest members. They also nurture members with an endless array of events from monthly lunches, holiday white elephant parties, and Star Wars movie nights.