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Eric: Philanthropic Punk & Proud Papa

Introducing, Eric Bruckbauer! Eric will gladly help you with anything you need at WP when owners Marnee and Jessie are away.

Eric is the proud papa of 4 month old Ari Orion, who almost has his second tooth. While he’s at Works Progress, Eric is the Development Director for Community Homes, which provides housing and support for adults with developmental disabilities. When not here, he’s the Grant Writer at Parent Trust for Washington Children, which provides statewide support for children and families. He also teaches their Conscious Fathering class, where he demonstrates his Olympic-level swaddling and baby-burping abilities.

In his spare time, Eric plays guitar for comedy punk band Warning: Danger! He also hilariously portrayed a stoner interrogated by a cop on the local tv show The 206. Click here to watch.

Eric and Jessie met in 2008 when Eric started dating his now wife, Hannah, Jessie’s former coworker at the Greenwood Mud Bay natural pet food store. Now Jessie, Eric, and family live next door to each other on Phinney Ridge. Unlike everyone else at Works Progress, Eric is actually from Seattle.

Thanks, Eric, for joining our community!