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What is Coworking?

“The word coworking won’t be a word in the future, it will probably just be the way we work.” -Rahul Prakash, partner at Hatch Today.

“Twenty years ago, the goal was to get the job, then work your way up “Madmen” style to the office on the 30th floor. Now people on average — not just millennials — stay at their jobs only 4.4 years. As workers redefine the goal line from the corner office to autonomy and work-life balance, you can bet the landscape of the office will drastically change. We are already seeing it with the rapid emergence of coworking offices everywhere.” – from HuffPost Business, The Future of Coworking posted online January 12, 2016.

Learn more about the growth of coworking, and how it beats to working at home or from a coffee shop in this short video.

What do I need to bring?

Works Progress provides a space in your neighborhood to get things done, alongside others who are also creating, making, developing, producing, and changing things. Our all-inclusive work space has everything you need: unlimited coffee, fast wifi, printers, scanners, and reservable conference rooms. But most importantly, options to meet your flexible lifestyle needs.

You bring your laptop, charger, cell phone and maybe headphones if you want to listen to music.

Jessie Rymph (left) & Marnee Chua opened Works Progress in 2012.

Jessie Rymph (left) & Marnee Chua opened Works Progress in 2012.

We have several monitors, monitor stands, headphones, standing desk options, and a few mice and keyboards that you may use while you’re here.

Who works at Works Progress?

Everyone is welcome. We serve working professionals who seek work-life balance. They are creative individuals and anyone imagining a more flexible schedule to meet the needs of their unique family, career, and lifestyle choices.

Our current members include software developers, sports league managers, product managers, graphic designers, editors, attorneys, an engineer, a speech writer, and more hard working professionals! We’d love to learn about what you do.

What If I Want My Own Desk?

Full Time Members have the option of adding a dedicated desk for $50. Call 206-466-1624 or email to check on availability.

What If I Want My Own Door?

Although we love the collaborative environment of our shared space, your team may prefer to have its own room. We have four team rooms for $900/month and two team rooms for $750. Check with us to see about current availability or get on our waiting list.

Where can I park?

We have seven spots in the back of the building. It is first come, first served and not time-limited. Thirty minute parking is available in front for guests. There is ample street parking with no fees or zoning restrictions.

How do I reserve a meeting room or phone booth?

Meeting room use is included in membership. We ask members to limit their use to 2 hours per day per room. You may schedule in advance through your membership portal or sign-in to the room as needed and available.

Mailboxes for coworking members and non-members.

We’ll hold your mail in a cubby and store your packages behind the front desk, a repurposed bar from The Re-Store.

May I have mail delivered to Works Progress and use the address as my business address?

Yes, you may. Members receive this service as part of their coworking membership. For non-members, the rate is $35/month for a mailbox that you can access Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. Click here to get your business mail account set-up today! 

Can I talk on the phone in the coworking space?

Phone and skype calls can be made at anytime in our common area, where a variety of work noises are happening. If you know (or are told) that you have a loud, carrying voice, please lower your voice or utilize one of the phone booths. We have four phone booths for your convenience.

Is printing included?

All members have access to the Works Progress wireless color printer/scanner/fax/copier. At this time, the number of prints is not restricted. If you are in need of a production level print job, we ask that you seek a professional printer or copy service outside of Works Progress.

Can I take the bus or bike to Works Progress?

Yes, please! The 48 and 5 stop in front of our building. You may store your bike inside the office, but unfortunately we do not have a shower for bikers.

Can I bring my child?

Works Progress is an adult, professional workspace, but we are family friendly. Most of our events are open to guests and child friendly. You are welcome to let your family member, child(ren), or friend tour where you work and show them the office.

Occasionally, you may need to bring your child in for short periods – that’s why we have created The Burrow – a small interactive room that’s ready for you and your little ones. You are responsible for your children at all times. Due to safety and disruption concerns, we reserve the right to refuse any child(ren), spouse, family member or guest at any time.

We are also actively involved in the formation of the Women’s Business Incubator, a nonprofit that will support mothers in starting or maintaining their business and career needs.

“I’m glad I work here with my dog Sadie for productivity, routine, and a warm community. ” – Sondra Kornblatt of Restful Insomnia

Can I bring my dog?

Friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcome to try out coworking with us. You are responsible for your dog at all times. Due to safety and disruption concerns, we reserve the right to refuse any dog at any time. Please follow these great guidelines from Nicole Pajer with Cesar’s Way.

What if I travel a lot?

Our membership is flexible and month to month. You can pick a part-time membership for the number of days that you need. We also offer a drop-in daily rate of $25.

The Coworking Visa allows active members of one coworking space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for a set number of days. Terms vary from space to space with regard to hours of operation, how many days are offered (typically three), reservation requirements, etc., so be sure to check the Visa terms for the space you want to visit.

Where do you get your yummy coffee?

Works Progress purchases organic, shade grown and fairly traded coffee from Camano Island Coffee Roasters.

We also recommend direct trade coffee from Forest Voices, connecting rural and indigenous farmers and their stories with the US consumer.

What great scholarly thoughts occurred at these University of Washington mid-century wood and metal "tanker" desks?

What great scholarly thoughts occurred at these University of Washington mid-century wood and metal “tanker” desks?

How does Works Progress Support the Environment?

Coworking by its very nature allows many people to walk or bicycle to work in their own neighborhood. Here are a few other ways we are looking out for the planet:

  • We purchased the majority of our office furniture, including desks, doors, cabinets, tables and chairs, from many outstanding local re-purposing stores including Habitat Store Seattle, Second Use, The Re-Store, UW Surplus and G. Bros.
  • In designing our new multi-purpose space, we kept many of the existing features or repurposed them.
  • We selected our indoor plants to improve air quality.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, compost, and are slowly improving the kind and quality of lighting throughout the space.

What restaurants are nearby?

We love the Greenwood neighborhood! There are a lot of shops, restaurants and things to do – all within easy walking distance. For a complete list of nearby coffee shops and restaurants, please go to the PhinneyWood Blog.